Izakaya Lounge House Rules


One of our core values at Izakaya Lounge is that everyone has a great experience with us and we welcome all guests who share in our mission to have a good time. 

So to ensure the Izakaya Lounge experience is special for everyone, we’ve put together a few House Rules. Don’t panic, there’s nothing to restrict your experience here, but simply some measures to enhance it for everyone...

Please comply with all Covid-19 safety measures we have in place which are there to protect you, our team and our wider community. 

If you’re lucky enough to look under 18, please don’t be offended if our team asks you to show your ID as we have a strict Challenge 25 policy in place when serving alcohol. Once we’ve seen your proof of age please do let us in on your secret to looking youthful..

We love kids, in fact, we were once kids ourselves. But sadly kids and bottomless brunches don’t really mix. Our brunch events are over 18’s only so please book a babysitter and enjoy our grown-up environment. 

Please leave your sportswear at the gym. Our dress code is smart/casual to reflect the exclusive vibe of our venue. 

As Chester’s hottest new place to be you’re likely to see some familiar faces while dining with us. But please refrain from taking photos of anyone not in your party who hasn’t given their permission for you to do so. Everyone deserves privacy when dining at Izakaya Lounge. 

Our team work incredibly hard to make your experience unique and extra special. They’ll see to your every whim with a smile on their face but in return we ask that you remain respectful to them and the service they’re providing. We have a zero tolerance policy for aggressive or intimidating behaviour. 

If an individual or group doesn’t follow our House Rules - that are there for everyone’s Izakaya Lounge experience - we will be forced to ask the individual, and potentially their entire group, to leave our premises. We reserve our right to refuse entry regardless of a pre-booking.