Izakaya Lounge

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Bringing together their vast experience of the dining and entertainment industries, the business partners behind Izakaya Lounge were inspired to create a new concept for Chester. 

The city is widely considered an up and coming centre for gastronomy thanks to its highly awarded range of independents and top north-west restaurants. 

But the entrepreneurial pair could see there was still something missing on Chester’s thriving social scene... a place where friends could come together and spend the evening chatting, eating, drinking and soaking up a lively atmosphere, all against a stylish backdrop. 

So after a search for the perfect venue to place their concept into Chester’s booming dining landscape, they found our home on Pepper Street; the perfect mix of space and intimacy, with an al fresco area and private dining room, all just a stone’s throw from the centre of the city. 



The vision was to be based on Pan Asian cuisine, focussing on the Japanese ‘Izakaya’, a word made up of ‘Stay – Drink – Place’.

In a similar vein to a tapas bar in Spain or a mezze bar in Eastern Europe, an Izakaya is a venue where small dishes of food are typically served with alcohol, often sake, creating a grown-up environment where groups of friends or colleagues meet up and settle in to eat, drink and chat over a few hours. 
With this concept of slow dining, offering a convivial pace where you order what you want when you want it, the owners decided the decor had to align.


So their team created a space with comfy booths where friends could sit close, as well as romantic tables for two and longer tables for groups; all designed with the idea of sharing everything that’s ordered, drinking as you go and embracing the Izakaya way.